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Our service team possesses extensive expertise in the field of medical imaging, ensuring a stress-free and hassle-free process when purchasing your refurbished equipment.


Technical Solutions to Manage Your Medical Equipment

We provide a comprehensive technical solution that covers all aspects of purchasing, installing, and maintaining medical imaging equipment. Our technical service includes equipment inspections, refurbishments, upgrades, installation, and training on the system.


Additionally, we provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the equipment is in its optimal working condition. 

Contact us at +1 (310) 890-8920 and our service team will assist you. 

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Medical Imaging Needs

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Buying advisor: System Inspection Services: Site Planning and Consulting in Construction: System installation: Training during installation: Maintenance: Upgrades : Training :

Buying advisor:

We help you to choose the right system depending on your needs.

System Inspection Services:

We can access log file data and run diagnostic tests all of system functions to give you a complete report about your device.

Site Planning and Consulting in Construction:

We will assist in all parts of site preparation, site planning and construction consultant.

System installation:

We will provide you  system installation in accordance with manufacturer guidelines to give you a the best possible image quality while minimizing future maintenance costs.

Training during installation:

We traine your engineers on site to find faults, run diagnostics and fix simple issue.


We have maintenance packages that will help to solve system errors. This can be done both on site or remotely. We also maintain a large inventory of parts that you need with periodic service.

Upgrades :

We have a large selection of upgrades for most systems and software.

Training :

We provide a variety of training for your team on site or remotely.

Technical Solutions For All Types


From heavy imaging equipment to small devices, our Service Team is capable of handling all types of modalities.



Thanks to our experience and know-how, we are able to work on all brands currently available in the market.



Whether you have a reconditioned or new device, we provide assistance for maintenance and repair, and ensure optimal performance of your medical equipment.

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