Navi S Main Unit & Advanced Mobile Cart


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Product Description

19″ High Resolution LED Monitor
19” Touch Screen, Multi-gesture Supported
Two Transducer Ports
B Mode/ M Mode /Color Doppler
CW / PW Imaging
Velocity/Power (DirPower)
HPRF: High Pulse Repeat Frequency
Harmonic Imaging
Spatial Compound Imaging
Ultra-wide Steer Angle
Time-Spatial Speckle Suppression Imaging
One Key Optimization imaging
FZoom: Full Screen Mode/ Ultra-Simple Mode
IMT: Carotid intima-media-thickness
Time-Spatial Speckle Suppression Imaging
Auto Color and Auto Doppler (automatic vessel recognition and optimization)
wiNeedle: Intelligent Needle Enhance Visualization
General Application Package
Anesthesiology Application Package
DICOM Basic (Print/Store), DICOM Worklist, DICOM MPPS,DICOM QR, DICOM Cardiac SR, DICOM OB SR, DICOM Vascular SR

Expandable 240G SSD Disk with Patient Management System
HDMI and Two USB 3.0 ports
Built-in WIFI

Especial Designed Car
Electric Height Adjustable
Battery Duration Time Display
Front/Rear Storage Basket
Unique-Designed Probe Disinfection Holder
Battery Cabin
Large Volume Lithium-ion Battery Pack (3 Sets)
Power cord: 220V/110V ; 50/60Hz

Product Specification

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