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CT Philips ICT 256

System Information:
System model no.: 728306
System serial no.: 100357
System YOM: 2012
Number of slices: 256
Air or water cooling?: Air 


Gantry and Detector Information:
Gantry YOM: 2012
Gantry model no.: 453567449901
Gantry serial no.: 65433
Gantry count (rotations): 43475347

Detector model no.: 455012010311

Detector serial no.: 10369
Detector YOM: 2012 


Tube Information:
Tube model name: CT XS TUBE
Tube model no.: 980605800104
Tube serial no.: SN302519
Tube installation date: 25 Jan 2018
Tube YOM: Dec 2017
Tube count(s) (mAs, secs, count etc.): 402886 seconds  / 187407 counts 


Patient Table Information:
Table model no.: 453567480181
Table serial no.: 51184
Table YOM: 2011
Head rest present?: Yes
Positioning pads incl.?: No 


PDU Information (Transformer Info):
PDU/transformer model no.: 459800064811
PDU/transformer serial no.: 79306-1-A01198
PDU/transformer YOM: 2012 


Cooling Cabinet Information (if applicable):
Cooling cabinet model no.: Air Compressor SF2
Cooling cabinet serial no.: API725216
Cooling cabinet YOM: 2012 


Console and Workstation(s) Information:
Console model no.: 455011305162
Console serial no.: 741293
Console software version: 3.2.5 


Accessories, Manual Hard-Copies and Software Discs Maintenance:
Any major part replacements/service done?: Tube 2018
Is system logbook present?: Digital Logs

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